CRYST^3 project abstract publication

Control of Localized Single- and Many-Body Dark States in Waveguide QED

Subradiant states in a finite chain of two-level quantum emitters coupled to a one-dimensional reservoir are a resource for superior photon storage and their controlled release. As one can maximally store one energy quantum per emitter, storing multiple excitations requires delocalized states, which typically exhibit fermionic correlations and antisymmetric wave functions, thus making them hard to access experimentally. Here we identify a new class of quasilocalized dark states with up to half of the qubits excited, which only appear for lattice constants of an integer multiple of the wavelength. These states allow for a high-fidelity preparation and minimally invasive readout in state-of-the-art setups. In particular, we suggest an experimental implementation using a coplanar waveguide coupled to superconducting transmon qubits on a chip. With minimal free space and intrinsic losses, virtually perfect dark states can be achieved for a low number of qubits featuring fast preparation and precise manipulation.


by R. Holzinger, R. Gutiérrez-Jáuregui, T. Hönigl-Decrinis, G. Kirchmair, A. Asenjo-Garcia, and H. Ritsch

Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria