CRYST^3 project represented at the 2022 Advanced Photonics Congress

The optics & lasers technology center ALPhANOV represented CYRST^3 in the exhibition hall of the Advanced Photonics Congress at Maastricht, the Netherlands from 24 to 28 of July 2022.


The Advanced Photonics Congress is a broad spectrum concerning the latest advancements in optical materials, optical signal processing, optical communications, and integrated optics. Moreover, it also included dedicated sessions and an invited talk about the quantum science and engineering building blocks that will provide for future quantum information processing and quantum-enable fiber optic networks.



This congress was a great opportunity to communicate in person to the scientific community about the CRYST^3 project and the advancements we made so far. More than 60 scientists from all over the world (Korea, India, Europe, the UK, and Canada) stopped by our booth to discuss the project and show their interest in our work while highlighting the technical challenges that we are going to be facing.