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GLOphotonics: An enabling partner in the emerging quantum technologies

GLOphotonics (or 'GLO' for short) develops and commercialises photonic components, sub-systems and/or systems built upon its proprietary and disruptive photonic fiber technology. GLO’s technology stands out by its versatility (platform technology) and its enabling powers. This Key Enabling Technology (KET) rests on two outstanding building blocks: The hollow-core photonic crystal fiber (HCPCF) and the photonic microcellTM (PMC). By a judicious choice of the HCPCF design and the filling gas, GLO functionalizes its PMC to make a variety of unique and value-added devices such as light sources, laser pulse-compressors, spectroscopy-cells and gas detectors. GLO addresses a multi-sector market that covers laser micromachining, bio-photonics, telecom, laser, space and science to mention a few. GLO has built a unique experience in providing metrology laboratories and space agencies with quantum devices such as optical references and gas-sensing solutions.

GLO is actively involved through collaborations with major universities in developing innovative solutions for quantum information and quantum metrology and sensing. GLO is particularly proud to be part of the new quantum center NAQUIDIS of the French region Nouvelle Aquitaine, and a co-investigator in the European project CRYST3 whose objective is to develop highly miniaturized quantum sensors based on its fiber technology.

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